Does The Walker Choose The Path, Or The Path The Walker?

Sabriel is a character who has a special affinity for death and the undead, meaning that she can perceive when someone is currently dead or is dying. Her rank as an Abhorsen also gifts her with the ability to lay wayward souls to rest and to see and converse with those who have passed on. If your character is dead, undead, or deals with death in some way tell me:

1. How will Sabriel see their spirit? Is it corrupt in some way? If it is, she may try to avoid you due to the discomfort it might cause.

2. Do they use any sort of magic? If so, what is it and how does it work? Sabriel can sense different forms of magic; if your characters has a particular brand of magic that feels "hostile" she's more likely to view you as an enemy unless your character can demonstrate that they mean no harm.

3. If there is anything else I need to know, please list it here.

IC Contact

[Hello. You've reached Sabriel. I'm unable to take your call, but please leave your name, NV contact, and a brief message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.]

Siren's Pull Application

Player Information Name: mizzmikan
Age: 27 AIM SN: N/A
Plurk: flavorytea
Have you played in an LJ based game before? No.
Currently Played Characters: N/A
Conditional: Activity Check Link:N/A

Character Information

General Canon Source: “Sabriel”
Canon Format: Book  
Character's Name: Sabriel
Character's Age: 18
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played: N/A
What form will your character's NV take?  Sabriel’s NV will take the form of a steampunk cell-phone, reflecting the Edwardian-ish period in which she was raised, with a bit of a fantastical twist to suit her supernatural occupation. It’s the No. 6 on the list. It’s activated by the blue stone in the center. It will have text and video capabilities, but no holographs.

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